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Biden Advocates for Diplomacy Between Israel and Hezbollah

Pursuing Peace in the Face of Threats: Biden and Netanyahu Discuss Safety and Security for Civilians.

In a recent phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Joe Biden reaffirmed his unwavering support for Israel's security against threats from Iranian-backed forces, including Hezbollah. A senior administration official highlighted that both leaders emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety of Israeli and Lebanese families, allowing them to return to their homes without fear.

The official underscored the shared priority of the United States and Israel in achieving this goal. "This is something we remain very focused on and the President has been directly involved in," the official stated.

President Biden reiterated his commitment to finding a diplomatic resolution with Hezbollah, echoing sentiments shared by Israel. "We want an agreement that provides security and assurances to civilians to return to their homes and then believe that they will be safe, and we have worked for months on this," the official added.

Meanwhile, the U.S. administration continues to push for a ceasefire in Gaza, which could pave the way for de-escalation in the North. The official noted that while the actions of Hezbollah are not directly linked to Gaza, achieving a ceasefire there could open new opportunities for peace.

The U.S. is leveraging its experience from the Maritime Boundary agreement between Lebanon and Israel, facilitated by American mediation despite the ongoing state of war between the two nations. However, any agreement will require Hezbollah's cooperation.

"We're going to try to find an arrangement diplomatically negotiated, that allows families to return to their homes," the official explained. "If we can't, Israel will continue to defend itself against these attacks. And like we have said, we will stand by Israel and no question about it."

Israel remains steadfast in its defense, and the U.S. continues to stand firmly alongside its ally, working tirelessly towards a peaceful resolution.

Promoting peace and security for all, the efforts of both nations aim to ensure a brighter, safer future. Share this article or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.