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  • Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem Hosts Milken Innovation Center's Financial Lab

Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem Hosts Milken Innovation Center's Financial Lab

Leading Investors Convene to Strategize on Rebuilding Israel’s Economy.

On Tuesday, the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem became a hub of financial strategy and innovation as the Milken Innovation Center hosted a significant financial innovation lab. The event brought together representatives from top investor groups both from Israel and abroad, including Apollo Global Management and OurCrowd, to devise strategies aimed at rejuvenating Israel’s economy.

The primary focus of the discussions was on areas heavily impacted by recent conflicts, such as the Gaza Envelope, the Western Negev, and the northern regions of Israel. These areas have faced substantial challenges, and the lab’s objective was to find effective ways to support their recovery and growth.

Michael Kashani, a managing director at Apollo Global Management, highlighted the collaborative efforts underway. Apollo, one of the world’s leading asset managers, has been working closely with the Milken Innovation Center to develop innovative solutions for Israel’s economic revitalization. “Our goal is to make it so it’s not just sympathetic people investing in Israel’s growth, but smart capital seeing the country as a great investment,” Kashani explained.

This gathering of influential investors signifies a strong commitment to Israel’s future, leveraging both local and international expertise and resources. The collaborative approach aims to not only rebuild but also enhance the economic landscape, ensuring long-term prosperity for affected regions.

By fostering such partnerships and focusing on strategic investment, Israel continues to demonstrate its resilience and forward-thinking approach to economic development. These efforts underscore the country's potential as a thriving hub for smart, impactful investments.

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