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Herzog Congratulates Starmer, Vows to Bring Hostages Home

Israeli Leaders Celebrate Labour Party’s Victory, Emphasizing Collaboration and Hope for the Future.

Israeli politicians from the center-left spectrum have congratulated British Labour Party leader Keir Starmer on his impressive victory in the UK parliamentary elections. President Isaac Herzog, formerly the chairman of the Israeli Labor Party, expressed his enthusiasm on X, writing, “As [Starmer] prepares to enter Downing Street as prime minister, I look forward to working together with him and his new government to bring our hostages home, to build a better future for the region, and to deepen the close friendship between Israel and the United Kingdom.”

As of early Friday afternoon, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had yet to comment on the UK election outcome.

Yair Golan, the current leader of the Israeli Labor Party, also shared his congratulations on X. “I look forward to working together with our sister party to bring our hostages home and for security, peace and stability here and across the region,” he wrote.

Merav Michaeli, the most recent former leader of Israel’s Labor Party, extended her “warmest congratulations” to Starmer and the Labour Party, celebrating the significance of their victory. Michaeli highlighted her efforts to strengthen ties with Labour’s British counterpart and promote shared values of equality and freedom. “This is no ordinary victory: it is a beacon of hope for social democratic parties around the world in an era that is becoming more and more radical and conservative,” she stated.

Michaeli added that the UK’s change in leadership is a model for Israel, emphasizing the need for democratic and security reforms. “If the UK can make the change, we in Israel can (and should!) also make the necessary change for the sake of our democracy and for the security we owe to future generations,” she asserted.

Mickey Levy, a Yesh Atid lawmaker and former Knesset Speaker, recalled Starmer’s commitment to combating antisemitism within the Labour Party. “When we met, he emphasized his commitment to combating antisemitism within the Labour Party, and I trust he will extend this effort nationally. I am confident that our countries’ relationship will flourish under his leadership,” Levy commented on X.

The Labour Party’s landslide victory comes after more than a decade in opposition, reflecting a widespread desire for change among British voters. Starmer, who took over Labour in 2020 and shifted it toward the political center, will face the challenge of revitalizing the UK’s economy and restoring public trust.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also congratulated Starmer on his “convincing” election win, reaffirming the strong alliance between Ukraine and the United Kingdom. “Ukraine and the United Kingdom have been and will continue to be reliable allies through thick and thin. We will continue to defend and advance our common values of life, freedom, and a rules-based international order,” Zelensky wrote on social media.

French President Emmanuel Macron extended his congratulations as well, emphasizing continued bilateral cooperation for peace, security in Europe, climate action, and AI development. Macron, who is currently navigating political uncertainty in France, wrote on X, “A mandate like this comes with a great responsibility.”

In his victory speech, Starmer acknowledged the significant responsibility bestowed upon him, pledging to restore trust and bring hope to the British people. He described Labour’s vision as “the sunlight of hope, pale at first but getting stronger through the day.”

Outgoing Conservative leader Rishi Sunak conceded defeat, describing the election result as a “sobering verdict.”

The collaboration between Israel and the UK is poised to strengthen under Starmer’s leadership, fostering a future of shared values and mutual support. Share this article or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.