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Israeli Forces Destroy Extensive 800-Meter Tunnel in Gaza

Israeli Forces Dismantle Extensive Terror Infrastructure in Gaza

During recent operations in the Gaza Strip, IDF troops successfully destroyed an extensive 800-meter-long underground tunnel used by Hamas, the military announced on Monday. The tunnel, which extended 18 meters deep, was strategically positioned near areas where IDF troops are stationed, posing a significant threat.

The IDF's efforts in Gaza also targeted central regions of the Strip to dismantle terror infrastructure. This included locating and demolishing various underground facilities and eliminating terrorists.

Operations in Jabalya

Earlier on Monday, IDF forces conducted operations in eastern Jabalya. They successfully neutralized terrorists and uncovered a cache of weapons, including Kalashnikovs, mortar shells, and other military equipment. The troops also destroyed a laboratory used for producing explosive devices, along with tunnel shafts and other terror infrastructure.

In a targeted airstrike, IDF jets hit a launch area from which rockets had been fired at Ashkelon during the recent conflict. This strike aimed to prevent further rocket attacks and disrupt the militants' capabilities.

Central Gaza Operations

In central Gaza, IDF troops engaged and killed terrorists, some of whom were conducting observation operations on IDF soldiers. Over the past 24 hours, IDF aircraft and jets have destroyed approximately 75 terror targets throughout the Gaza Strip, significantly impairing the operational capacity of Hamas and other militant groups.

These operations underscore Israel's commitment to neutralizing threats emanating from Gaza and protecting its citizens. By dismantling extensive terror infrastructure and eliminating key threats, the IDF continues to safeguard national security and stability in the region.

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