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Iran Behind Recent Attacks on Israeli Embassies in Europe, Says Mossad

Iranian-Directed Criminal Gangs Target Israeli Missions Across the Continent

The Mossad intelligence agency has revealed that the Islamic Republic of Iran orchestrated a series of terrorist attacks on Israeli embassies throughout Europe since October 7. These attacks were executed by criminal gangs under Tehran's direction, the Mossad disclosed on Thursday.

The Israeli intelligence agency, in collaboration with European counterparts, initiated an investigation after a suspected hand grenade was thrown at the Israeli embassy in Stockholm on January 31. The probe led to the conclusion that Sweden’s Foxtrot organized crime network carried out the attack on behalf of Iran.

The Mossad reported uncovering numerous Iran-backed terrorist plots targeting Jewish and Israeli locations across Europe, many of which employed local criminal groups. For instance, Swedish security forces arrested a 14-year-old suspect linked to another attack near the Israeli embassy in Stockholm. This attack was attributed to the Rumba crime group, also allegedly directed by Iran.

Further incidents include an assault on Israel’s mission in Brussels, where two airsoft grenades were thrown at the embassy. Airsoft is a team-based game where players use plastic projectiles, with various grenade types for different effects.

“Iran operates many criminal organizations in Sweden and Europe in general, taking advantage of their unique strengths and internal rivalries,” the Mossad stated. Both Foxtrot and Rumba receive Iranian funding and directives, closely monitored by local intelligence agencies.

In April, Israel renewed its calls for the international community to designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization and to impose severe sanctions on Tehran. This appeal followed direct attacks by the regime, including missile and drone strikes against Israel.

Although the European Parliament voted last year to classify the IRGC as a terrorist group, the nonbinding measure faced opposition from foreign policy chief Josep Borrell. Borrell argued that such a designation required an E.U. court ruling, a claim challenged by critics like Swedish MEP Charlie Weimers, who accused Borrell of lying to protect the IRGC.

Despite these challenges, some E.U. countries, including Germany, are pushing for the IRGC’s terrorist designation. This effort is bolstered by a Düsseldorf court ruling that held Tehran accountable for a 2022 synagogue attack.

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