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Israel Reveals Doctor’s Dual Role in Gaza Terrorism, Contradicting Aid Group's Denials

Fadi al-Wadiya’s Involvement with Palestinian Islamic Jihad Revealed.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have released photographs revealing the dual role of Fadi al-Wadiya, a Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket specialist, who also worked as a physical therapist with Doctors Without Borders (MSF). This disclosure follows MSF’s confirmation of Wadiya's employment but denial of his involvement in terrorism.

Wadiya was killed in an airstrike in northern Gaza on Tuesday while cycling to work. The IDF’s Arabic spokesperson, Lt. Col. Avichay Adraee, described him as “a physical therapist by day and a jihadist saboteur by night.” According to Adraee, Wadiya had been aiding Islamic Jihad for 15 years, specializing in electronics and chemistry for rocket manufacturing.

Adraee also revealed that in the same year Wadiya joined MSF, he attempted to leave Gaza for Iran with two other terrorists for training purposes. Adraee accused international relief organizations of being exploited by terrorist groups as “human shields,” despite MSF’s insistence that Wadiya was merely a healer.

This revelation highlights a broader issue of terror group infiltration within Gaza’s medical sector. The IDF claims that 85% of Gaza’s hospitals are used by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad for terrorist activities. The Press Service of Israel reported in October that Hamas extensively utilized Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s largest medical center, for launching rockets, hiding hostages, and torturing collaborators. Additionally, Hamas is known to have stored significant quantities of fuel under the hospital compound.

In March, Israeli forces raided Shifa Hospital, arresting over 800 terrorists as they were about to receive salaries from Hamas. Ahmed Kahlot, director of Kamal Adwan Hospital, confirmed to Israeli interrogators that he and other staff members were Hamas operatives. He detailed how Hamas used medical facilities and ambulances for military operations and kidnapping.

The infiltration extends to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, with hospitals being used as bases for attacks. This embedded presence of terrorist groups in Gaza’s medical sector underscores the complexities and dangers faced by civilians and international aid organizations operating in the region.

Hamas’s attack on Israeli communities near the Gaza border on October 7 resulted in over 1,200 deaths and the taking of 252 hostages. Of the 116 remaining hostages, more than 30 are believed to be dead.

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