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Israel Thwarts Major Weapon Smuggling Operation

Security forces intercept major smuggling attempt from Jordan, seizing over 75 handguns.

Israeli security forces intercepted the most significant number of guns being smuggled into the country from Jordan since October 7, the Israeli Police announced on Monday. Soldiers identified three suspects crossing a border fence on Sunday night. Upon searching the area, they discovered three sacks containing over 75 handguns and dozens of weapon parts.

The search for the smugglers is ongoing, reflecting the persistent efforts to curb illegal weapon trafficking into Israel.

Jordan has been contending with a determined Iranian effort to smuggle weapons through the kingdom to Palestinian terror groups. This smuggling has not only posed a threat to Israel but also contributed to a surge in crime within the Israeli-Arab community. In 2023, a record 244 Israeli-Arabs were murdered, more than doubling the 120 homicides in 2022, according to the Abraham Initiative, a non-profit organization promoting Arab integration into Israeli society.

The spike in violence is largely attributed to organized crime groups engaged in turf battles and rival eliminations. These criminal organizations are involved in extortion, money laundering, and trafficking in weapons, drugs, and women, exacerbating the security challenges faced by Israel.

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