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Israeli Mother Rejoices After Giving Birth to Rare Quadruplets

A Joyous Miracle: Natural Quadruplets Delivered in Petah Tikva

A remarkable event unfolded on Sunday at Beilinson Medical Center in Petah Tikva, Israel, where a 35-year-old mother gave birth to naturally conceived quadruplets. Already a mother of two, she welcomed two boys and two girls, each weighing between 2.95 and 3.57 pounds.

The medical team swiftly moved the newborns to the neonatal intensive care unit to ensure they receive the specialized care and monitoring necessary for their early days. Quadruplet births are an extraordinary rarity, happening in only one out of every 720,000 deliveries. With approximately 180,000 births annually in Israel, a natural quadruplet birth is expected only once every three to four years.

While advanced reproductive technologies have slightly increased the chances of multiple births, quadruplets remain incredibly uncommon. Israel now sees an average of one to two sets of quadruplets annually. For comparison, twins occur in about 5% of births, and triplets in just 0.1%.

The rarity of such births makes each one a significant event, drawing attention from both medical professionals and the public. The last known instance of quadruplets in Israel occurred in 2022 at Sheba Medical Center.

This joyous occasion not only highlights the marvels of natural conception but also showcases the dedicated medical care available in Israel. The birth of these quadruplets brings immense happiness and a sense of wonder to all involved.

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