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Population of Jerusalem Reaches One Million in 2024

Historic Milestone for Israel's Capital Amidst Celebration

As Israel celebrated Jerusalem Day on Wednesday, the Central Bureau of Statistics announced a significant milestone: Jerusalem's population has now surpassed one million residents. This marks a notable increase in the city's growth and diversity.

Throughout 2023, Jerusalem's population grew by 13,400 people. The growth includes approximately 20,500 new residents due to natural increase, and an additional 4,000 people who chose to move to the city. However, the data also revealed that 11,100 people left Jerusalem, a higher number than those who relocated to the city.

The influx of new residents primarily came from Bnei Brak, Bet Shemesh, and Tel Aviv, highlighting Jerusalem's appeal as a dynamic and vibrant city. By the end of 2023, the population breakdown showed that 60.5% of Jerusalem's residents were Jews or classified as "others," while 39.5% were Arabs. Among the Jewish population, ultra-Orthodox Jews constituted about 29.2%, nearly half of the Jewish and "other" demographics in the city.

Further insights into the city's residents revealed high levels of satisfaction with life and work, with 91% of people expressing contentment with their lives and 87% satisfied with their jobs. The data also indicated that the average number of children per woman in Jerusalem stands at 3.68, higher than the national average of 2.81.

Remarkably, 60% of Jerusalem residents aged 20 and older have lived in the city since birth, which is nearly double the national average of 33%. This underscores a strong sense of community and continuity within the capital.

Jerusalem's growth and the high satisfaction levels among its residents reflect the city's enduring appeal and its importance as a cultural and spiritual center. As the city continues to thrive, it remains a testament to Israel's resilience and vibrancy.

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