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October 7 Victims Sue Pro-Palestinian Groups, Accuse Them of Aiding Hamas

Legal action targets campus groups for alleged collaboration with Hamas.

In a bold move for justice, nine victims of the October 7 Hamas attacks have filed a lawsuit against two major anti-Israel campus groups, National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJUP) and American Muslims For Palestine (AMP). This landmark legal action, filed in U.S. district court, alleges that these groups have acted as "collaborators and propagandists" for Hamas, making them partially liable for the terror attacks.

The lawsuit seeks damages for nine American and Israeli victims, arguing that AMP and NSJUP's continuous and substantial assistance to Hamas has contributed to the terror group's activities. This marks the first time that campus groups are being targeted for their alleged role in promoting Hamas propaganda and fostering antisemitic protests that have endangered Jewish students nationwide.

“Survivors of Hamas’s October 7 terrorist attack, family members of those murdered by Hamas, civilians still under fire from Hamas’s ongoing terrorism, and persons displaced by Hamas’s ongoing terrorism have been, and continue to be, injured because AMP and NSJP knowingly provide continuous, systematic, and substantial assistance to Hamas and its affiliates’ acts of international terrorism,” the lawsuit states.

In a joint statement, the terror victims and their families emphasized that AMP and NSJP should be held legally accountable and face expulsion from the United States. Arsen Ostrovsky, an attorney and CEO of the International Legal Forum, stated that NSJP “has effectively become the U.S. campus arm of Hamas.” The legal action is supported by several prominent law firms, including Greenberg Traurig, the National Jewish Advocacy Center, Schoen Law Firm, and Holtzman Vogel.

These groups are accused of directly aiding and abetting Hamas by providing moral and political support on campuses, justifying the October 7 atrocities, and acting as propagandists for Hamas leaders. The lawsuit aims to bring to justice not only the perpetrators of the attacks but also those who enable and support them.

The legal team leading the charge against AMP and NSJP is formidable, featuring lawyers from Greenberg Traurig, one of the largest law firms globally. Their extensive experience and determination suggest that the case will be pursued with relentless vigor.

This lawsuit has the potential to significantly impact AMP and NSJP, possibly leading to their bankruptcy and the expulsion of their officers from the United States. The outcome could set a precedent for holding organizations accountable for their indirect involvement in terrorism.

Israel and its supporters worldwide will be closely watching this case, which underscores the importance of standing up against antisemitism and supporting the victims of terror.

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