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‘Week of Goodness’ Initiative Started by Parents of Hostage Hersh Goldberg-Polin

An inspiring global campaign aims to raise awareness and foster unity through acts of kindness.

The parents of hostage Hersh Goldberg-Polin are launching a “Week of Goodness” starting on July 14, aiming to spread kindness, good deeds, and generosity worldwide. Announced on Monday, this initiative honors the 120 hostages still held by Hamas in Gaza.

“We are living in a fractured time,” stated Rachel Goldberg-Polin, “and our beloved hostages are in unimaginable darkness. This campaign is aimed at helping us bring more light into the world.”

Since October 7, the Goldberg-Polin family, along with other hostage families, have tirelessly worked to secure the release of their loved ones. For one week, they will focus on their communities to further these efforts.

Itinerary of Goodness

Starting on July 14, each day of the “Week of Goodness” will focus on different aspects of community, Judaism, and global betterment.

Sunday, July 14: An evening of communal singing with other hostage families at Hostage Square in Tel Aviv, starting at 8:00 PM.

Monday, July 15: A day dedicated to Judaism, with Rachel and Jon reading the Jewish Bible, aiming to complete the Torah, Neviim, and Ketuvim. This event begins at 8:00 PM on the 14th and will last 24 hours. Prior registration is required.

Tuesday-Wednesday, July 16-17: Volunteer work in Jerusalem, with participants encouraged to share their activities online. The goal is for the hostages to return to a “better world.”

Thursday, July 18: The Goldberg-Polin family will participate in a “separating challah” ceremony, focusing on 120 people. They have also commissioned a new Torah scroll, inviting the public to join its dedication at 8:00 PM at Bnei Akiva Baka branch on Yehuda Street 37 in Jerusalem.

Friday, July 19: The Family Forum will lead a Kabbalat Shabbat at their tent in Jerusalem, starting at 4:00 PM at the Azza/Balfour junction.

Participation Details

Monday 15th: Worldwide study Bible event requires prior registration.

Tuesday-Wednesday, 16-17th: Join in-person volunteer work in the merit of the hostages.

Thursday, 18th: Participate in the Hafrashat Challah ceremony.

Friday, 19th: Dedication of the new Torah Scroll (Hachnasat Sefer Torah).

“We live in such a fractured world, in such a dark chapter, that we thought now is the time to repair with goodness to try to improve the situation,” said Rachel Goldberg-Polin.

With Hamas holding citizens from 23 countries and five religions, the Goldberg-Polin family hopes this initiative will inspire global leaders to join their cause.

“Our message has not changed. Too much time has passed, and the world should not be tolerating this,” said Jon Polin. “Where are the leaders of those 23 countries? How have we not seen them walk arm-in-arm on stages in Jerusalem, New York, or Berlin saying this isn’t okay?”

“Our message is to try to shake the world into action to get this deal done; get it to the finish line. Start to bring out these hostages who deserve to be home already,” he concluded.

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